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About your accessory

This accessory lets you expand your phone’s capabilities for use on a big screen. Now you can

get things done like you would on a PC.

Connect the accessory to a screen (monitor or TV) and your phone, and then add a keyboard

and mouse. Apps scale smoothly to the screen size (note that app experiences may vary).*

You can continue to use the phone independently, using a different app than the one shown

on the big screen.
When connected, the accessory also charges your phone.
To use the accessory, you need a Windows 10 Microsoft Lumia phone with Continuum and a


connector supporting DisplayPort video output. You also need a display with a

DisplayPort or HDMI connector or a compatible adapter. The accessory supports USB 2.0

compatible mice, keyboards, and mass storage devices (depending on the phone operating

For more information on Continuum, see the Continuum app.
For more information on compatibility, support, and troubleshooting, go to
Read this user guide carefully before using the product. Also, read the user guide for the device

that you connect to the product.

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